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American Law Review
     Established 1890  

Academic Charter


The purpose of this academic charter is to define a process to collect, organize, catalog and publish legal information. This charter is required to meet Trustees of Blackstone School of Law (Founded 1890) desire to provide an Ameican Law Review publication service so as to deliver professional access to court cases and materials relied upon by the appellate bar and professional researchers for decisional and case research materials, briefs, study guides and an exemplary forum for publication of law restatement and opinion.

Charter Objectives

The objective of the Charter is to support the protection of intellectual property rights of writers of legal education publications and research. This Charter will show that the Blackstone School of Law Trustees is abiding by the conditions of the license agreements that accompany its commercial legal educational program. This Charter will also define a publication & copyright process/approach to be used on an annual basis to establish U.S. Copyrignt & Trademark compliance.

Charter Specifics

Specifically the Charter will:

  1. Authorize the Trustees to establish forthwith a separate and independent, to be known as: The American Law Review (ALR) whose function and purpose is to establish itself as a center forthe promotion of professional legal research training, and leadership.
  2. Provide all appropriate means for the ALR to locate and acquire legal briefs, documernts, pleading, texts, manuscripts, and all sorts of information from the public domain and other sourches as may exist from time to time, for the purpose of providing a comprehensive Law Library to preserve & support the historical body of the law.
  3. Direct the ALR Trustees to appoint an official to manage and make decisions about ALR legal research, journal content & publication, and related business or professional practices in the day-today operation of the Journal.

Charter Deliverables

Major deliverables are:

  1. A list of all equipment anf information data surveyed.
  2. Number of data files and research papers located.
  3. Number of law library books found (listed by bibliographic title and authror).
  4. How many copies of each law book will be maintained, or how many new texts must be purchased (listed by each title, author, publisher).
  5. Define a process to keep the purchase order information current and up-to-date.


This Charter is to be completed and transferred to the ALR administration as soon as possible. A target date of mid April 1970 has been established at this point. However upon refinement of this Charter a new target date may need to be negotiated depending upon staff selection and budgeting matters.

Charter Costs

Resources dedicated to this Charter are:

Selection of Dean of the Law Review

0.25 for one month

Infrastructure Support

40 hours

Clerical Support

10 hours

Each Individual Staff Member

5 min. each

Executive Sponsor

John E. Hobbes, Esq., 8th Judicial District, Cimarron, NM, Executive Director

Steering Committee

Director of Legal Research, Howard E. Hobbs, J.D.

Director of Law Library Services, Wayne Phelps Esq.

Director of Procurement, John Creighton

Charter Team

Project Manager:

Manager, Larrry Parrot

Project Team:

Technical Expert,

Reasearch Support

Office Support Specialist


  1. An approach can be developed that will allow each individual staff member to audit their own departemtn and turn that information in to a central place.
  2. We will use the ALR Standards & Practices Manual to gather and inventory information.
  3. The means in which the staff member gathers the information is secure and cannot be manually altered by the individual staff member.
  4. Detailed instructions can be developed for each staff member to use to gather the information needed to meet the deliverables. We do not expect any individual staff member to take more than hour of effort to complete the audit, including reading and understanding the instructions.
  5. The legal research information gathered can be combined at a central location, which will minimize the amount of time each individual staff member must spend documenting the audit.

Charter Activities

Following is a description of the major activities anticipated in this Charter.

  1. Charter startup: This activity includes completing the charter and reviewing the completed charter with the Trustees by May 1, 1970.
  2. Gather information on purchases.
  3. Verify assumptions about ALR publication and delivery.
  4. Develop the strategy and instructions for each staff member for development a plan of action.
  5. Notify the staff to do an audit of resources collected.
  6. Determine who has not completed the inventory and follow-up.
  7. Prepare the final report
  8. Resolve any discrepancies, we need to deal with strategies for distribution of legal informatioin and researech and records.
  9. Write reconciliation recommendation.
  10. Submit to Internal Audit.
  11. Determine process to keep the accounting books and records of ALR up-to-date.


The risk of not going forward with the Charter is:

  1. Trustees may not be able to proceed with the ALR start-up procedures.
  2. Prior to this Charter completion Trustees have neither a free Law Review, legal research nor education forum in place.


  1. To show that the Trustees are putting forth a good faith effort to establish systematic
    legal research and publication in compliance with copyright laws and practices.


The Dean, of The American Law Review will hold full college and university academic professorship standing and will provide quarterly assurance that this Charter meets professional legal research and publication standards and protocols at all times.
The ALR is to set forth a scholarly law journal for practicing attorneys, paralegal and law students who wish to systematically read law, legal history, theory and, review court decisions and to follow the views of the scholalry and legal community, and to sharpen the practice of critical analysis in legal argument and pleading construction, appellate briefs, bar examinations, scholarly publications, jury presentation techniques and general trade discourse.
The books and papers reviewed are to generally cover all the topics found on 1L, 2L, 3L course examinations.


Enacted this day of March 1, 1970, Blackstone School of Law Trustees. at Chicago Illinois





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